"I have worked alongside Alison in many a production and her passion for theatre is fantastic, she doesn't just make the audience believe in her but everyone else on the stage too"

Adrienne Lean - member of EADS

"I have worked with Alison and Ross on many productions over the years. Alison just loves being on stage and has a great stage presence and evokes many different reactions/emotions from the audience. Ross worked with me backstage as both stage crew and set design/construction for several years. Their enthusiasm and drive are a credit to both of them."

William Anderson – member of EADS

It's with many thanks to Alison who was my daughter's P7 teacher that she went on to study drama & performance at university. Alison makes the "kids" believe in themselves & inspires so much confidence, even when they don't believe it themselves. If your child has ever been lucky enough to be in Alison's class you'll understand what I mean❤️

Eleanor Baker - parent

I have been part of the chorus in several Pantomime where Alison has had a lead role. I remember one year Alison put on an amazing performance as the baddie whilst backstage sucking throat sweets like there was no tomorrow as she was feeling rotten! She was a true trouper and epitomised the phrase "The show must go on!" A lovely person and a great performer! 🤩

Donna Ettles – member of EADS

I have been lucky enough to work with Alison a number of times both on stage and as a director with her & Ross. Alison has always brought fun and professionalism to any productions she has been a part of and I miss her enthusiasm a great deal. Ross, as a backstage crew member, was also full of fun and would always work hard on any items we needed for a show.

I have also been lucky enough to see the work Alison has done with young pupils in schools. She brought Drama into the primaries that she worked in and would put productions on giving the pupils an invaluable experience - and I know they valued it as I would teach them as teenagers and, when they realised, we knew each other, they would tell me how much they loved their time with Mrs. Forbes and how much of an impact she had on their lives because of her enthusiasm and her caring nature.

Amanda Craib – member of EADS and Drama Teacher

Mrs. Forbes was my p7 teacher, and she made it my favourite and most memorable school year I had. I had danced from a very young age, and always loved musical theatre out of school. Mrs. Forbes was the first teacher to take drama into the class room on a day-to-day basis. We created so many productions during that year, and I loved it so much. She showed me that theatre could be a possible career path, and made me believe I could do it! I remember singing so much, and loving every second! I pursued a career in musical theatre, and am still working in the industry now thanks to Mrs. Forbes encouragement!

Zoë Hershaw – student, performer and owner of Zodiac Performing Arts

I was delighted when Alison told me she was going into teaching - having been involved in varying productions with Alison I knew there were so many fortunate children out there that were about to experience & benefit from her infectious zest for life, encouraging her students at every opportunity to bring out the very best in them - we love & miss you Alison & envy those that are going to be so fortunate to have you as their fun loving Forbeez 😘🎭🎼 xx

Susie Gee – fellow thespian

Although it’s been years since Alison has taught me, the short time she did was very special to me. Moving to Scotland was scary and I was unable to show my talent in performing until Alison had become head teacher at my primary school. When organising auditions for the school nativity (which had never happened before as they would just pick students at random) I was eager to prove that I was capable to be a leading character, and with this opportunity I got my first ever leading role as Scrooge in the Christmas carol. Alison will always be a huge memory in my early days of drama as she brought this new way of teaching that inspired me to be confident and fabulous. I couldn’t be any more sincere than I am right now with my words in how much Alison influenced my love for drama. I can’t imagine what I would be like in high school if it weren’t for the confidence and opportunities, I gained from Alison bringing the magic that was drama into my little primary school.

Martha Farquhar – student

I had Mrs. Forbes as my P7 teacher for my last year of primary school. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to become who I am now. Through theatre and performing, she helped me feel more confident, come out of my shell and become happy with being myself. I had the confidence to go to a new secondary school and audition and perform in the plays every year and enjoy them immensely! I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t be the person I am or where I am today with Mrs. Forbes!

Lucy Taylor – student

Both our daughters in turn had Mrs. Forbes as their teacher for their final year of primary school.

Coming from a military family, we knew what challenges lay ahead for them and Alison couldn't have done more for them.

She is one of those rare teachers who gets to know her pupils, understands what makes them tick and works until she finds a way to bring out the best in them. Our elder daughter grew in confidence and gained a sense of belonging with her peers (often difficult for a child of a military family). She blossomed so much that as our younger daughter approached the same stage, we specifically requested that she be placed in Mrs. Forbes' class too. As a result, her confidence grew as well, she felt valued and part of something.

Both our daughters have tackled their lives with confidence and positivity, able equally both to achieve and to deal with setbacks. They have both taken part in a wide range of challenging activities, at school, University and now in their chosen careers in the military. They have the confidence to tackle anything.

Mrs. Forbes' qualities as a person and a teacher are part of the reason for their success and much of what she gives her students comes through involving them in her passion of drama. Our girls learnt about teamwork, responsibility, working for common goals and enjoyed the sense of achievement that brings. Alison accepts every pupil for what and who they are, and adds to that to give them skills and attributes they didn't know they had. This was especially evident when involving her pupils with the 'Out of the Darkness' Theatre Company, a local group created to advance the education and to promote the welfare of people with learning challenges. By working with this group, her students learned about helping others, about diversity and inclusion, and how to accept others for what they are.

The strong, confident and fair-minded adults our girls have grown into is in no small part due to Alison and what she offered through drama.

Liz Taylor – parent

Alison Forbes was the best teacher Ben had in primary school. She taught him a way with maths that he still uses today at 25! We all remember her with great joy and fantastic memories of things the kids would do in class. Any child that comes into the loving and kind company of these wonderful people will be sure to love life, learn some amazing life skills and have fond memories for the rest of their lives.

Sharyn Ritchie – parent

I was fortunate enough to work with Alison for several years at an elementary school in Edmonton. During this time, she put on amazing drama productions. I helped out with sound and makeup and enjoyed every minute of it. The students became stars right before my eyes.

The students absolutely loved being a part of the productions and learned so many valuable lessons. They learned to be accountable, how to memorize lines and how to perform in front of an audience. Not only did they develop performing skills, they also had so much fun.

Alison and her family created life long bonds with these students. I still get asked “will Mrs Forbes return to the school? We miss her and drama club”. We all miss them dearly!

The productions had amazing props, the best outfits and a stage that wowed the crowd.

This family puts the kids first, loves what they do and will take your breath away with their amazing productions.

Jacetta Johnson - Elementary Teacher

I had the pleasure of working with Alison in a school setting, and we were all thrilled when she brought her drama expertise to us! Alison has a wonderful way of working with students and brings out the best in them! Staff, parents and community were treated to fantastic theatrical performances and students absolutely loved performing in them. Highly recommend!!

Kay Utley – Elementary Teacher

Mrs. & Mr. Forbes gave us an opportunity like no other from behind the scenes to performing on stage. From being quite shy and quiet my confidence grew to be able to speak, sing and dance on the stage. Very professional production and the best people to work with. I am now a staff nurse in the NHS and use my confidence everyday to interact with people of all ages. I always thank them for the amazing memories!

Hannah Brown – Former Student
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