Cinderella & Rockerfella 2023

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What do we do?

We are a musical theatre for children in grades 3-9 in Lacombe and the surrounding area. We teach acting skills, stagecraft, singing, voice projection, and dancing.

We also offer opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, to collaborate, develop self esteem and confidence, and make new friends!

We demonstrate the skills that student have learned in our performances in April of our season.


Who are we?


Forbeez Theatre Group is a theatre group for children who are in grades 3 – 9 based in Lacombe.  Alison, the owner and director, is an elementary teacher with extensive experience in the performing arts. Ross, Alison’s husband is an engineer, and is our stage manager.



Forbeez History

Alison is the owner and director of Forbeez Theatre Group and has been involved in theatre since a very early age. Alison is an elementary teacher and Ross, her husband, is an engineer. Together they run Forbeez Theatre Group.

It was always a dream of Alison’s to have her own theatre group business but it wasn’t until they moved to Lacombe in 2021 that she started to pursue it seriously, the 2022/2023 was Forbeez first session.


Forbeez Annual Schedule

After the initial information/meet the teacher meeting we go into auditions, this gives a flavour of what the students can expect in an audition and helps in casting the show. Casting will be followed by teaching theatrical terms, acting skill terms, stage position and acting terms. Next, time will be spent blocking the show. Then we go through each scene learning the songs and dances as we go. Once that’s completed, we rehearse. Students will work on character development throughout rehearsals to help them develop a real, interesting, believable character. All of this is interspersed with drama games and songs as well as relaxation techniques, and memorizing lines. Of course, time for costumes has to fit in there too. All of this planning has a degree of fluidity as there are a lot of different factors that can affect the timings. Shows are in April, we have added an extra matinee this year, all of our shows were sold out last year!. The public school’s drama curriculum is not followed per se but as Alison uses it in schools means areas of it filters in, such as dramatic movement, speech and voice projection, interpretive skills, and technical theatre.

Mission Statement


Forbeez Theatre Group is dedicated to the personal growth and development of youth from Lacombe and the surrounding areas, through the medium of musical theatre. We are committed to achieving this by providing a safe, supportive, fun, and nurturing environment for our students to fulfill their individual potential and emerge as stars! We provide opportunities for students to be themselves in a safe environment, to be part of the Forbeez team, and to develop leadership skills.


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2022/23 Season Information

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